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Al Daleel

Brother WaheedBrother Waheed

The Guide, known for its comparative approach to Christian and Muslim topics, is captivating audiences globally. In this program, Brother Waheed and Sister Fadwa provide their viewers with sound doctrine and thoroughly researched answers to some of the most challenging questions regarding Christian and Muslim topics.

The Muslim Woman

Sister AmaniSister Amani

With great sensitivity and compassion, The Muslim Woman reaches out to Muslim women, as well as Muslim Background Believers, giving them a forum to discuss many issues important in their lives. This show is hosted by a former Muslim woman who lived under the oppression of Islam but has been set free through faith in Jesus Christ.

Moroccan & Christian

Sister ImaneSister Imane

Moroccan and Christian is a program produced in the Moroccan dialect which gives answers to many of the questions Moroccan MBBs face regarding ethical issues they face when finding Jesus.

Without Shackles

Sister KatiaSister Katia

Without Shackles helps the lost discover the salvation, freedom, joy, peace and strength brought by God's unconditional love, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. Every week, this program unapologetically declares that God alone is the source of love, hope, and life through Jesus Christ and declares that God created men and women as equals—so that all might experience His everlasting love, limitless forgiveness, and eternal salvation.

What is Under the Turban

Sister FarhaSister Farha

A show with Sister Farha discussing the teachings of Islam and how they compare to the teachings of the Bible.

Al Hayat Biblical School

Dr. Ashraf AzmiDr. Ashraf Azmi

Al Hayat Biblical School is an interactive televised learning environment that prepares and equips men and women from the Arabic-speaking world, particularly those persons who are Muslim Background Believers (MBBs), to pursue a deeper knowledge of God and their relationship with Him and to serve Him more effectively in their cultural context.

The Saudi Magazine

Dr. KhalidDr. Khalid

During each episode of The Saudi Magazine, presented in the Hejazi dialect (the native Saudi language), Dr. Khaled, a Saudi MBB, intercedes for a selected Saudi city with a special supplicatory prayer and reads a Psalm in the Hejazi dialect rather than in the formal Arabic language.

Al Hayat Testimonies

Dr. YassirDr. Yassir

Sharing the testimonies of many MBBs from all around the globe.

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