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Helping Muslims

Al Hayat Ministries, committed to the noble cause of introducing Jesus to the Muslim community, utilizes a multifaceted approach that harnesses the power of diverse mediums to ensure their message is widely disseminated. Their television broadcasting initiatives offer content that is curated to resonate with Muslim viewers, providing context, understanding, and insights into Christianity and the teachings of Jesus. Similarly, their radio programs are tailored to reach listeners with captivating stories, discussions, and teachings about Christ. Beyond these, Al Hayat Ministries is also engaged in the publication of literature that is both informative and inspirational, catering to those who seek knowledge through the written word. Recognizing the rapid digitalization of our age, they've adeptly incorporated smart chatbots, designed to answer queries and engage users in meaningful conversations about Jesus. Additionally, music, with its universal appeal, is another avenue they employ, producing and promoting songs that narrate the stories, values, and teachings of Jesus.Through these varied channels, Al Hayat Ministries bridges the cultural and religious gap, helping Muslims to truly know and understand Jesus.

Al Hayat Channel Programs

Al Hayat Channel offers an array of programs aimed at addressing inquiries from the Muslim community and explaining the authentic teachings of Jesus Christ. Several of these programs are broadcasted live, while others are pre-recorded.

Our notable shows include:

Al Daleel featuring Brother Waheed
The Muslim Woman hosted by Sister Amani
Moroccan & Christian with Sister Imane
Without Shackles presented by Sister Katia
Al Hayat Biblical School led by Dr. Ashraf Azmi
Let There Be Light with Nizar Shaheen
The Saudi Magazine hosted by Dr. Khalid. Nizar Shaheen
and many more.

Al Hayat Ministries Chatbot

Curious about Al Hayat Ministries, its transformative projects, or have pressing questions about the Christian faith? Dive into a seamless and enlightening experience with the Al Hayat Ministries Smart Chatbot! Designed to provide accurate and prompt answers, our chatbot is ready to guide you through any inquiry you might have. Whether you're seeking clarity, understanding, or simply want to know more about our mission and initiatives, the Smart Chatbot is here to assist. Give it a try today and let us bridge the gap between curiosity and knowledge!

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Al Hayat Ministries, a dedicated team of people from Muslim and Christian backgrounds, desires to boldly proclaim the Gospel of Christ, respectfully yet fearlessly unveil the deception of Islam, and empower believers from Muslim backgrounds to fulfil the Great Commission.
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